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A unique, Manufactured to the same strict quality standards as its famous counterpart. Its super clarity is an asset in bright or clear water conditions. Enduring level of suppleness also ensures that Trout Clear continues to cast smoothly even after long periods of use.

SAMURAI X newly developed and adopated from previous version "SAMURAI". As well as scratch resistant than conventional products also keep the remaining approximately 3 times stronger. This gives anglers the best combination of strength, sensitivity, casibility, and visibility under water.​

Designed specially for Carp Expert, the surface is treated with a special silicon coating that completely seals the line from water absorption and the controlled strech grade sllows immediate hook set even when fishing at long distance. Carp Expert provide good fluidity thanks to parallel winding. Low elasticity allows immediate detection from the slightest of nibble from fish. Maintaining good low visibilty when in water. Excellent knot strength and abrasion resistance. Fast sinking with specific gravity 1.78

PREMIUM LINE suggested the best of the lot, indeed it is. Using the best copolymer resin and with our exclusive technology makes this line one of the most sought after line in the word of fishing line. Transmissibility to deliver the slightest nibble of fish. Supple and Excellent handling as the line is not prone to cling to a rod. Good ater-shedding due to less water absorption. Fast sinking with specific gravity 2.15

Unique resin reinforcement process for moisture-proof, Curl fee, Strong and shock resistant line is one of the old time favourite for bass anglers. Come in Matt Green which is visible in air but invisible in water. Excellent line when fishing in muddy water, this color line just blend together into the surrounding water making it impossible for fish to spot. One of toughest in our range and fast sinking rate which is sensitive to any sudden strike. Fast sinking with specific gravity 1.90​

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