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Made of PDVDF 100% Fluorocarbon resin with addition of High Abrasion Resistance resin have increase this line abrasion and knot strength by 5X from normal Fluorocarbon. FLUOROCARBON has Zero level of light refraction making it completely invisible in water. Waterproofing resistance is excellent with invisibility keeping its strength after hours usage.

The absolute transparency of a leader. PRO POWER 10X leader one of the first leader that will maintain its transparency after long hours of usage. Special blend resin produced a soft leader with giving way to transparency. Low memory making it easier hook tying and stronger knot strength.

With Extra addition of our formulated High Abrasion Resin, to the POWER GRADE have improved the tensile strength tremendously thus provide a "STIFF LINE". POWER GRADE is known to be stiff and process exceptionally high tensile strength. Ability to withstand sudden shock and strike.​

FLUOROMAX coated with fluorocarbon will result in having a totally transparent of Invisible monofilament. FLUOROMAX, main characteristic is it's very low-level of light refraction which makes it completely invisible in water. It is totally waterproof which helps it to maintain it's breaking strength after many hours of usage in water.​

A supreme quality and professional grade 100% fluorocarbon leader line. Durability, Zero invisibility and High knot strength.

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