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1st crated to be the 1st in the fishing line industry using exclusive Super Bond Polymer. Bonding of polymer would never by easy but for 1st the bonding of polymer is done to perfection resulting in having a balance line in terms of strength and abrasion resistance. Special surface treatment giving this 1st line a silky touch resulting in extra casting distance and more accurate cast. Fast sinking with specific gravity 1.81

​SUPER STRONG is the one of the toughest co-polymer fishing line in the world. Our exclusive technology makes this line more strong than other monofilament. SUPER STRONG has line overwhelming strength and resiliency to handle any heavy cover situation. Fast sinking with specific gravity 1.87

Made with a high copolymer nylon formula, SUPER SOFT offer added softer, toughness and excellent abrasion resistance. This smooth line is exceptional for casting by offering less twisting, fewer kinks than other monofilament.. Fast sinking with specific gravity 1.87

​SUKOI has superior casting distance with pinpoint accuracy due to its proprietary extrusion process. It has up to 15X greater abrasion resistance then other lines on the market and has exceptional knot strength and smooth handling.

"PHANTOM" is specially designed to dominate salt water and fresh water. 100% Fluorocarbon line with the flexibility, softer, supple and castability of regular monofilament. Superior sensitivity. Its is virtually invisiable in the water, plus delivers advanced hook-setting power, exceptional abrasion because there is no water absorption.​

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