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The expert     produce high quality fishing line

N E W   P R O D U C T   H I G H L I G H T 

braided fishing line
braid fishing line
fluorocarbon fishing line
fluorocarbon fishing line
fishing line
fishing line

T H E  E X P E R T  P R O D U C E  H I G H  Q U A L I T Y  F I S H I N G  L I N E

At BLOOD-X,  we understand that every anglers has preferences what makes a fishing line good. our goal remains surprisingly simple - to developed the fishing line product for all application. Each BLOOD-X line is designed with attributes for a specific purpose, offering the innovative solutions accurate for all our product.


In research and development, which has made BLOOD-X successful in continuously producing high-quality lines. Another advantage that BLOOD-X has the ability to develop to consistently produce the same quality of lines by taking in consideration the differences such as seasons and humidity.


Our leading edge technology has resulted product  fishing lines provided U.V resistant, Low water absorption rate, Abrasion resistant, Smooth handling and Low memory fishing line.


Our mission is able to develop fishing line or products specially for each fishing aspect. Giving anglers new innovative and quality products with a competitive pricing.


Our vision is one leading fishing line and product unit globally. In new century, our will continues to look design and developing more new and existing product for our anglers.

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